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Most parents are understandably busy and unable to assist their children with schoolwork. Others may discover that their children are more receptive when they navigate through their school struggles with someone else. Indeed, tutoring is a great education plan that can help improve  relevant learning skills, boost subject comprehension, and strengthen a child’s confidence. Tutoring helps students become independent learners as it gives them personalized attention that they do not receive in a typical classroom. At TutorONE, we provide private tutoring services in North York for students of all age groups and skill levels.

Subject Specific Tutoring Services In North York

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Math Tutoring North York

Our Private Math Tutoring services in North York will improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem, which will in turn help the student develop proper work and math study habits that will be valuable for life. These problem solving skills not only prepare your child to achieve his or her goals in both general and advanced math classes such as Calculus, Advanced Functions, Statistics and Data Management. It also helps your student become even more independent and responsible with their math learning. Over time, your child will realize his or her personal growth and potential, and take responsibilities for their studies and progress. A proper mathematical foundation is necessary for success in any area of life. It is our goal to help children in North York and surrounding areas gain confidence in the classroom, motivation for learning, and responsibility for his or her studies.


English Tutoring North York

Our English and ESL tutors at TutorONE provide students with teaching tailored to fit specific learning needs and styles of the student. Teaching curriculums include Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation, Pronunciation and Citation. The education in this one-on-one setting is unhampered by the competition that reigns supreme in typical classrooms, allowing the tutored student to progress at their own pace. Encouragement, positive feedbacks, and guidance are some of the perks they receive – factors that are necessary to keep the child engaged throughout the process. Lastly, the personalized attention allows students develop a healthy relationship with an adult role model, often helping the child cultivate improved social skills.


Science Tutoring North York

At TutorONE, our Science tutors strike a balance between the one-on-one attention a student receives and a healthy and easy learning environment. It is our goal to help your child to gain a strong understanding in all Scientific learning areas such as Physics, Biology and Chemistry to best of their learning abilities– and we understand how important the tutoring atmosphere is to ensure this goal is achieved. Our tutoring professionals in North York are able to create an intimate, less threatening environment to make the student feel satisfied. Our tutors will offer tips to the tutored student on memorizing formulas and main aspects of the scientific learning component. This, in most cases, can be achieved when the tutoring takes place in an environment where a child feels most comfortable. A child’s learning atmosphere is very important, especially for those struggling academically. Tutoring with TutorONE not only takes place in an informal and comfortable setting, but the process is fun and interactive.


French Tutoring North York

The individualized attention your child will receive is one of the greatest benefits of our French tutoring program in North York. Our tutors offer tips and guidance on the writing aspects in French as well as being able to speak its language fluently. The tutored-student will learn the differences on how to write in past tense vs present tense. As for the speaking component it is, learning the letter sounds that have accents so they can read and speak French fluently. In the large classrooms that have become a feature in today’s educational system, quiet students can easily get lost in the crowd. However, during a tutoring session with one tutor, your child will open up and ask certain questions that they would not be able to during a formal class session.

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