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When a child does not understand what's being taught in the classroom, it can result in he or she receiving a low grade. When a child has difficulty, he or she will become disengaged in the content taught. There are situations where a student is not comfortable asking the teacher for help in front of all of his/her classmates. At Tutoring Toronto Ajax, we provide private tutoring services for all age groups - we can answer the questions your child needs in order for he or she to perform well in school.

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Math Tutoring Ajax

Learning becomes a fun aspect when it involves everyone's participation. However, students may find the concept of math word problems and equations stressful. Our tutors at Tutoring Toronto Ajax are experienced - they have either been or witnessed someone else get frustrated over math curriculum. Our tutoring service in Ajax is designed to help your child learn math in a more fun and interesting fashion that makes sense rather than stressful and difficult.


English & ESL Tutoring Ajax

It is never too late for your child to start or continue to develop his or her English skills either in speaking, reading or writing. At 6-years old, that is when children discover and develop their potential as well as their talents, interests, likes and dislikes. Tutoring Toronto Ajax offers tutoring services that teach your child the basics such as comprehensive reading and writing. We also open up the door to those that are new to Canada and desire to learn English. Our tutors are bilingual and fluent in speaking English and are available to help your child and students reach its full potential in this subject area.


Science Tutoring Ajax

Science can portray itself as a heavy subject to learn as each branch contains a variety of information. Science is significant in the classroom but even in our outdoor environment as it is everywhere. A student that practices skills such as math, analyzing, memorization, reasoning and hands-on skills are likely to be successful in this subject area. As a result, our Ajax tutoring services will help your child develop these skills as well as adjust to his or her style of learning so they can have a solid science learning foundation and ensure they actually excel.


French Tutoring Ajax

One who is bilingual creates strong communication skills for the reason that he or she is proficient in speaking multiple languages. Whether if you only know to speak English or English and another language, French can be a new language option to add.  Even though a general core French subject runs from grades 4 to 12, a student is never too young or too old to learn a new language. Our French tutors cater to the learning needs of our students to ensure they become fluent and excellent in speaking and understanding Canada's second-language.

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