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At TutorOne Tutoring Scarborough East – we have one Mission. To redefine tutoring services in Scarborough and surrounding areas. Together with our team of professional private tutors – we bring to the table a different tutoring service that has started to turn heads. We use a mixture of personally designed lessons and a whole lot of heart to help your child and students reach his/her educational Milestones. So, let me pose another question to you – why do you need a Scarborough based tutoring service? Whatever the reason – whether for homework help or simply because your child has been struggling to see the light in a subject area – our team of Scarborough based tutoring experts will not only help boost your child’s confidence but will also through personalized teaching will help them form their own A+ mentality that will help them flourish in every area of life!

Subject Specific Tutoring Services In Scarborough

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Math Tutoring Scarborough

Math is one of the basic building blocks on top of which society is constructed. In order to succeed at mathematics a strong foundation of problem solving is required for a secured success at higher levels. At Tutor One Tutoring Scarborough East, we have professional private in-home and online math tutors that are ready to help your child reach a level where they can start tackling problems on their own. Our tutoring approach for mathematics is simple. First, we find out where your child needs the most work, this is done during the first part of our free live lesson. Then we build a personalized learning plan that is built to create a boost in our students moral, while helping them form within themselves an A+ problem solving mentality that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.


English & ESL Tutoring Scarborough

Developing your child’s skills at an early age is vital as this will help them succeed later in life. Much of a person’s potential is unlocked before a child is six years old, so it is important that young ones are taught the skills they need. TutorONE is committed to providing a wide range of english and ESL tutoring programs targeted towards helping young ones unleash their potential by developing their visual perception, cognitive abilities, and fine language based motor skills. We want to ensure all our children and ESL students develop a lifelong desire to study English, a key skill that will prove invaluable in our fast-paced society.


Science Tutoring Scarborough

Science comes from the latin root word Sïencé meaning “to know”. At TutorOne Scarborough Tutoring our mission is to help your child understand and then apply every topic they’re learning in class. Our Science tutors are experts in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics with Masters in specialized scientific areas such as Medical Physics, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, & Biotechnology. Our expert Scarborough science tutors are ready to help your child grasp the foundations upon which all science is founded. All our tutors will personalize a learning plan for your student that will help them use the Scientific Method to raise your child’s confidence when tackling hard problems. More than that, we will teach them how to use this method, and with a renewed look on tackling problems in physics, chemistry or biology they will succeed in every area of life.


French Tutoring Scarborough

Learning a new language can be difficult for everyone. Especially when you have to master that language and every other subject in that language. Our team of core French and specialized French-immersion tutors are professionally bilingual tutors who excel at teaching students at any level of French. As Canada’s Other Official Language, a knowledge of French – even a basic one – is essential for growing students to understand the totality of the Canadian language landscape. Our private French tutors in Scarborough are able to boost your child’s mastery of the language and by creating an essential learning plan in French. This can help the student understand the language in a deeper and fuller way, and ultimately TutorOne’s French tutoring services in Toronto will give your child the foundation they need to excel in any bilingual environment they will put themselves in.

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